Efdal 'Ef
Efdal 'EfManaging Director and Founder
Our illustrious leader, the man with the idea for Natural Dogs Direct, who is so excited and committed to the cause of Natural Raw Food for ALL dogs, there is just no way of removing the smile from his face, despite working 16-20 hour days to keep the business on track.
Sureyya Ahmet
Sureyya AhmetCompany Secretary
Sureyya is the one that keeps all of the behind the scenes operations of the business going, without whose support and co-operation there would be NO Natural Dogs Direct. Also known as Sue, you might also find her lurking in the freezers picking stock for orders or even mucking in with production! After all she was born into the meat industry. Her father is one of the biggest kebab and meat manufacturers in the UK and her grandfather was a highly skilled butcher! She has the hardest job, juggling her time between NDD, the kids, dogs, cats and home, she keeps us ALL going.
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Our Valuable Team Members

PugChief Quality Control Inspector

Do not disturb the “Pug” at work…Natural Dogs Direct doesn’t run itself you know!

It is a hard job keeping the Quality Control team under control, but its a good job that they KNOW who is in charge.

KaiserChief Taster

Kaiser, our Chief Taster, takes his job very seriously and alway ensures that he has tasted the products thoroughly and completely. He approaches his work with vigour and enthusiasm at all times.

Cassie and Wilson
Cassie and WilsonApprentice Tasters

Cassie and Wilson have joined the ranks of Natural Dogs Direct in order to add some much needed assistance to the Quality Control Team. They are approaching their training schedule under the watchful eye of Kaiser, our Chief Taster.