Hi everyone,

My name is Shadow and I’m a 6 year old Siberian Husky. Sue kindly let me take over the blog for today!

My humans, Marie & Mark, work two doors away from NDD (www.mptesting.co.uk – Classes 1,2 & 4 Independent MOTs on Cars, Taxis & Motorcycles).

When they take me to the office I like to keep the neighbours in check, so I have recently started to make daily visits to see what Ef gets up to in his unit.

I know my humans get food for me and Snow from there, but I’ve never actually gone to have a look. See there are lots of smells and different noises around the industrial estate so I’m constantly on guard to make sure I know whats going on. It can be quite distracting when all I want is some juicy fresh Lamb Necks or Ribs!

So over the past month I decided to venture out and have a look. I like Ef, he’s my mate, but only when he feeds me! Maybe if I took Snow with me he would feed us quicker and mum wouldn’t have time to catch us!