Snack Sausage

/Snack Sausage
  • Snack sausage made from 84% deer meat and wild innards, supplemented with coconut fat, brewer‘s yeast, ginkgo powder, green-lipped mussel extract, sea-buckthorn powder. Can promote blood circulation. Helps muscles, nerves, organs as well as strengthening the immune system and the joints. Supports osteoarthritis.
  • Snack sausage with rabbit and duck meat, Complemented with red panax ginseng and maca root. Ginseng stimulates memory, maca root increases alertness, strengthens the ability to concentrate and acts as a mood-enhancer.
  • A true energy bomb made from 75% turkey meat supplemented with maltodextrin (from potato starch), whey powder, creatine, coconut, brewer‘s yeast and magnesium citrate. A fast energy, metabolic stimulator and can support improved muscle metabolism.
  • 91% camel meat, supplemented with coconut flakes, cistus, brewer‘s yeast, thyme, oregano and calcium carbonate. Cistus and coconut flakes, because of the essential oils and lauric acid are considered a natural defence against vermin, ticks are known to avoid both and thus can prevent  "docking".