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For Orders UP to the value of £50.00 – Delivery Charge is £8.50

For Orders OVER the value of £50.00 – Delivery Charge is £6.50

(Orders received after 1.00pm on Thursdays will be dispatched on the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday)


Due to rapid growth in the Raw Feeding Industry this year, which, is of course amazing, it has unfortunately led to high demand of raw materials. We have kept our prices consistently low, for quite a long time, but it is now something that we have had to take a look at and increase our prices slightly. The only way we could have kept the prices low, would have been using much cheaper meats, therefore, compromising our quality. This is something NDD would never do. High quality foods is what we do and if it isn’t good enough for our own dog it isn’t good enough for your dogs.  In 6 years this is the second time we have have been forced to increase prices. We have endured many price increases so we can still provide you all with great pricing. However, this time, we have reluctantly had to do this. It would be easy for us to provide a huge choice of meats, but, unless it meets our high standards at the right price, we will never compromise the quality your dogs are used too.

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