We would like to make you all aware that couriers are under a huge strain at the moment. They have more volume running through their systems and short staffed due to COVID-19. This may mean delays with your orders. Please remember that as long as your food hasn’t completely defrosted when it arrives, it is perfectly safe to refreeze. Any orders sent out from now on is ordered and sent at your own risk. We simply cannot afford to refund/resend/replace orders at our own cost during this unstable economy. We would struggle to survive. We will be keeping you all updated with any changes on our Facebook page. As of 19.3.2020 everything is still running as usual. We have plenty of stock for everyone. Please bear with us if we are a little delayed in responding to any communications. We are extremely busy and our staff are under huge pressure to make sure you all get your dog food. We have a duty of care to your dogs and will do everything in our power to make sure you still receive your deliveries. We are also open for collections as normal.


Our delivery charges are based on the amount of your order, and our rates are as follows:

For Orders UP to the value of £50.00 – Delivery Charge is £8.50

For Orders OVER the value of £50.00 – Delivery Charge is £6.50

(Orders received after 1.00pm on Thursdays will be dispatched on the following Monday for delivery on Tuesday)


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