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Would you like a dog who…

  • has a better immune system and less health issues
  • costs less in Vet bills
  • has a lot less waste for you to clean up
  • has a super glossy coat and sparkling teeth
  • really enjoys his/her food
  • smells better and doesn’t gas you out of your own home
  • is less hyper and more content

Yes, then join the

Natural Raw Dog Food  

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happier and healthier

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Dogs have been around for thousands of years, perfectly healthy. They have evolved because they ate REAL food, not funky, dry, coloured biscuits!

The government is pushing parents to give children less processed foods as eating them has been proven to have long term effects on their health! So, its no different for dogs: You are what you eat!

Do you recognise or understand any of the ingredients listed in your dog’s food? With NATURAL RAW FOOD it’s you in charge!

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I’ve been using Natural Dogs Direct from the start and have nothing but praise. The premises are CLEAN & TIDY. The staff are always friendly & helpful, and nothing is ever to much trouble. The range of products is vast, always, always fresh and well prepared. The prices and deals are very competitive, the quality & quantity is second to none. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed, I have, do and will continue to recommend Natural Dogs Direct.
Joe Ellis

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